Do Kegels Work? Learn How to Get Lady V Tight Faster

Do Kegels Work? Learn How to Get Lady V Tight Faster

“Tight vagina” isn’t just the ultimate compliment you want to hear from the person you’re sleeping with—it’s a physical feat that should be just as high on your #Goals list as, say, finishing a pull-up or dead lifting your body weight. Luckily, like strength training with dumbbells, kegel balls can help you get there.

ICYDK, kegel exercises involve clenching and releasing your pelvic-floor muscles (the ones you squeeze to hold your pee). Those muscles can weaken naturally over time, or after events like childbirth —and can lead to urinary incontinence (or peeing yourself). That’s why this pelvic-floor strengthening exercise is so crucial (Also: Kegels may make your orgasms even stronger.)

Kegel balls—a.k.a. Ben Wa balls—are like little weights for your vagina. They usually consist of one or several balls lined up in a row with a cord at the end. You insert them into your vagina (with the cord hanging out), then contract and release your pelvic floor muscles around them. Doing so helps you isolate those muscles and feel the contractions a little better.  The best thing about these exercises is that they can be done just about anywhere and anytime without anyone else knowing. If you ask your obstetrician how to get your vagina tight, this is the exercise that they will most likely recommend.

To effectively do these exercises, you need to learn how to isolate the appropriate muscles. They are the same muscles that you tighten when you are trying not to urinate. You can identify the correct muscles by trying a simple experiment. The next time you sit down to urinate, start a stream of urine and then tighten the muscles in the pelvic floor to stop the flow of urine. These are the muscles you use to perform Kegel exercises.

Now that you have identified the correct muscles and you know how it feels when you tighten them, you can practice this technique. Tighten this area and hold it for about five seconds and then relax for 5 seconds. Repeat this step at least 5 times in a row.

An added benefit of these exercises is that they can decrease the risk of urinary incontinence in women. A recent study assessed the efficacy of home-based Kegel exercises done by women with two different types of urinary incontinence. The researchers found that the women that did 10 sets of Kegel exercises 10 times per day for 8 weeks showed significant improvement in their quality of life.

How to prepare Kegel balls and weights

Prior to inserting Kegel weights or Kegel balls you will need to wash your Kegel balls or weights with warm water and antibacterial soap, then add a liberal amount of lubricant. The best type of lubricant is one that is water soluble. It is also the easiest to clean up and will not leave any stains on your clothing. The type of Kegel “trainer” that you choose to start with is a personal choice, but some are better for women that are just starting to use them.

How to insert Kegel balls and weights

Once you have applied lubricant to your Kegel balls or weights, you will need to either lay down or stand in a comfortable position. Many women that are trying this for the first time, find it easier to insert Kegel balls while they are laying on their back. If you have decided to move up to Kegel weights, a standing position with one foot up on a step or chair may be more comfortable for you.

How to use Kegel balls. While you are laying on your back, insert the first Kegel ball into your vagina. This should be done in a slow and steady process. If you are a “beginner” you should be using Kegel balls that are attached to each other with string. Once this ball is inserted, be sure to tuck the string between the two balls into your vagina as well. Now you can insert the second ball. With this one, be sure that the string that is attached to the other end of this one remains outside of your vagina. Now that they are inserted as far in your vaginal as is comfortable, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and go about your normal daily activities. They can typically stay in place for up to six hours.

How to use Kegel weights. These are available in different weights and it is advisable to start with the lightest weight to begin. These are used in a slightly different manner than the balls. Once washed and lubricated, Kegel weights are inserted into the vagina as you would insert a tampon. (The standing position as described above may be better for inserting these weights) Insert the weight by holding onto the attached string and gently insert. Now that it is inserted, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and you will feel it lifting away from your hand when it is on the string.  Stand with this weight in place and try to hold it with your tightened muscles for about 15 minutes. If this is too difficult, you can sit to accomplish this. When you are able to hold this weight for 15 minutes for 2-3 days in a row, then you can progress to the next weight. Do not attempt any exercises until you are able to hold the heaviest weight for the established amount of time.

Basic Kegel exercises

If you are experiencing difficulty when you are trying to hold the Kegel weight in place, drop down a weight and use it for a few more days. Remember, you are exercising muscles, and just like any other muscle in your body, it can become fatigued. This may make you a little sore. If you are really sore, give your body a break for a day or two and then try again.

So, what do you do if the lightest weight is still too heavy for you to hold in a standing position? There are some basic exercises that you can do to improve strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in order to accomplish this.

  • Exercise 1: lay on the floor with your back flat and your knees bent with feet flat on the floor. In this position, insert the lubricated ball into your vagina. After you are inserting it, practice tightening your pelvic floor muscles and give the string a gentle tug. This will do two things. It will help you to identify the correct muscles to tighten and help strengthen them at the same time. The goal is to keep the weight in place.
  • Exercise 2: same position as one. Practice tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles as you would with normal Kegel exercises. You can do this several times. Inhale and relax the muscles, then exhale and tighten the muscles. Repeat these two exercises for several days in a row before moving on to the next exercise.
  • Exercise 3: this floor exercise is done on your hands and knees after you have done exercise one and two. Hands and knees should be about shoulder width apart with your back flat. There is no pelvic movement with exercise, so it may take some practice to remain still will practicing this one. As with exercise number two, inhale and relax your pelvic floor muscles and exhale and tighten your muscles. Repeat this up to 10 times each session. When you have done this for several days in a row, try the standing position again.

How to remove Kegel balls and weights

The easiest way to remove Kegel balls and weights is to do basically the same process as inserting them but in reverse. This can be done by either laying down on your back or standing. Apply some additional lubricant to the vaginal opening and gently pull on the attached string to remove.

If you are using individual Kegel balls (not recommended or beginners), apply lubricant to the vaginal opening and squat. While in a squatted position, use your muscles to push the Kegel balls from the vagina as if you are bearing down to deliver a baby.

It is extremely important to keep your Kegel balls and weight as clean as possible. You will need to wash and dry them before and after every time you use them. They need to be stored in a safe place, so they do not get damaged and inspected them before each use.

A final quick hint about Kegels, Kegel balls and Kegel weights. They are great tools to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and tighten your vagina. But they can also be used as a form of self-pleasure and during foreplay with a partner.

On that note, if you’re looking for your own set of Kegel Weights, please check out our online shop under “Toys” and grab yourself a set. I can personally recommend these as I’ve been using them for the last 8 months following a major surgery and I continue to use them weekly purely for maintenance – consider a gym workout for the lady bits – we work out the rest of our muscles don’t we…..

Much Love Always

– Ang xx

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