20+ Exciting ways to bring the date night romance from home

20+ Exciting ways to bring the date night romance from home

Nowadays, when I think date night – I think within the comfort of my own home. Going out is great, but more times than not I am more than happy skipping the “getting ready” and “going out” part, and be lounging in my pajamas by 6 o’clock.

In need of date ideas for the homebody in your life? Ding ding ding!

Who says you can’t make at home date ideas fun, anyhow? Coming up with the ideas might be a challenge over time – if you or your SO is a total homebody who prefers a night-in over the night-out experience, then this list is for you! There are times where you may need to think outside the box, instead of the classic popcorn and a movie. The best part: these at home date ideas aren’t limited for nighttime use, either – think day dates, too!

Create a 4-course meal together (try from scratch – no pre-made boxed meals or helpers!)

Movie/TV show marathon

Pull an all-nighter (turn it into a game to see who lasts longer!)

Play a board game/build a puzzle (create your own keepsake puzzle for an added surprise!)

Got a pool? Have a pool party – just the two of you (drinks, floats, a bbq – the whole sha-bang!)

Create your own at-home wine tasting (some companies sell mini wine bottles – all you need is the cheese!)

Snuggle up by a fire pit (don’t have the space? Propane fire pits are “the thing” – safe, easy to use, and no cleanup!)

Build a living room fort for storytelling and a sleepover (OK – so maybe minus “storytelling”, but don’t forget the snacks!)

Take it back to the younger years – create a “drinking game” out of your favorite movie or show (whenever a character laughs or smiles, or whenever a particular word is spoken, you drink!)

Read a book together

Have a paint night (get some canvases, paints and brushes – make wall art together!)

Bake some sweet treats (cookies, or a cake – then reap the benefits over a glass of wine or a movie!)

Married? Watch your wedding video (don’t justify once a year – watch it often!)

Plant a garden (granted, this forces you to go “out” and get the plants first, but that’s half the fun!)

Get in the mood – romanticize one another, for real (whatever that be: champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, a hot oil massage, or candles and music)

Play or act out one another’s secret fantasies

Get cultured with new cuisine (whether that be making it yourselves, or ordering take out!)

Play “Truth or Dare”, “Never Have I Ever”, or “Would You Rather” (make it legit – spend the day, or week coming up with your ideas!)

Fondue FTW (whether that be cheese or chocolate – neither can go wrong).

Breakfast… or dinner in bed (Heck – stay in bed all day!)

Make a scrapbook (make use of those photos on your phone or computer! Snapfish offers insanely cheap prints for pennies!)

Take it back – get your dance on, or learn some new moves (and I’m not talking Taylor Swift – more like Billie Holiday)

Play video games (OK – so maybe not Call of Duty – make a point to get a game you both can play together and enjoy!)

Sketch portraits of each other (do it Titanic style for that added twist…and spark!)

Get your DIY home improvement on (Looking to replace the carpet, or cabinets need refacing, Do it together!)

Write out your bucket lists, and read them together aloud

Expand and grow your relationship by reading The Five Love Languages

His and Her date night choice, give each other options to pick from, and switch off (from the food, activities, etc.)

Throw an indoor, or backyard picnic

Do a workout together, like Tabata (I know, I know but make it a game – each rewarding one another afterwards!)

Go for a walk (bring the dogs – spend the time talking and reflecting)

Have a garage sale (granted, not much of a “date” per say, but you’re doing something together and making a little side cash, too!)

Get boozey with a cocktail favorite and lay by the pool, or under an umbrella in the backyard

Lay on a blanket under the stars (better yet, use a blow-up mattress, a bunch of pillows or a down comforter!)

Camp out in the backyard (you only use that camping tent a couple of times a year, anyhow – make use of it!)

Have a pool/hot tub? Skinnydip!

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